So You Don't Have to Reinvent the Wheel

The Operating System

One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning Has a Proven Business Model

When it comes to running your HVAC company, you deserve to focus on just that—running your business—versus wearing each and every hat and executing every role. At One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning, our role is to provide you with a numbers backed business model that will help your business grow. After joining One Hour, you can focus on success while not worrying about reinventing the wheel to obtain it!

The One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning model is ready to help business owners during any stage of their career. If you want to convert your existing business and grow it with the One Hour model, we’re standing by to help. If you’re new to the HVAC industry, we’re ready to equip you with the training needed to open your first location. You can provide the personal service of a small business while being competitive with the name of a nationally-trusted brand!

We’re ready to talk about how One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning helps HVAC franchise owners build a better company for themselves, their employees, and their customers. Call us now at (888) 718-7375 or fill out our simple online form to learn more.


Our OpX® System Simplifies the Process for Success!

Many HVAC company owners feel frustrated when they have to spend more time focusing on the small details of running a business rather than providing great service to customers. At One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning, our OpX® system simplifies running a business, so you can focus on what matters: happy customers, satisfied employees, and the reputation of your business. Since you won’t have to reinvent the wheel, you’ll be able to focus on building the company you’ve always dreamed of!
Our OpX® system streamlines owning an HVAC company by providing:
  1. Marketing, promotion, and networking through professional organizations
  2. Understanding of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that drive every aspect of your company’s financials and balance sheets
  3. Human resources, safety, and administrative procedures
  1. Business planning and inventory management
  2. Management of your call center
  3. Customer service
  4. Community outreach

We Take the Uncertainty Out of HVAC Service Company Growth

Our operational system includes the tools, resources, and support required to make sure our franchise owners don’t have to worry about what’s next for them. In addition to providing procedures, manuals, and help during any type of situation, we help our owners grow their business with methods that have worked for hundreds of people just like them from coast to coast.

We help build better HVAC businesses by:

  1. Increasing technician retainment by training them and keeping them happy
  2. Providing up-to-date training to make sure locations stay relevant and competitive
  3. Providing industry-leading technology to track leads, work, and finances
  4. Equipping owners with the marketing tools they need to reach customers
  5. Providing access to exclusive products and offering significant buying power

We Can’t Wait to Grow Your HVAC Company with You

One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning is part of the Authority Brands group of home service companies. Over the years, we’ve learned what our franchisees need for success, and we help them reach it with 24/7/365 access to resources. Since your success is also ours, we’re always standing by to help you overcome the hurdles experienced by all HVAC service companies. Importantly, our corporate team is not the only source of support for One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning locations. Our network of owners constantly provides advice and insight to each other.

The next step to your HVAC franchise journey starts with a simple phone call. We’re ready to answer your questions at (888) 718-7375 or after you fill out our simple online form.


Training & Business Coaching

We Help Owners Provide Great HVAC Services Through a Well-Run Business

When it comes to quality HVAC work, customers can’t be fooled. Since people rely on One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning for their comfort, we have no room for errors! We keep our clients happy with a thorough service that starts from the minute they call us.

As a One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning location owner, you’ll receive the business coaching you need to make sure all aspects of your company are running how they should. Then, we’ll provide extensive training and resources to employees that keep them trained, happy, and ready to provide the great service that customers love!

Learn more about our training and business coaching below or call us now to have your questions answered at 888-718-7375 fill out our online form.

Great HVAC Companies Start with the Right Employees

One of the most important parts of building a great HVAC service company is making sure employees are well-trained, happy, and ready to stay with your company for years to come. We help franchise owners ease the stress of the hiring process by making sure great workers aren’t tempted to leave. This way, they don’t have to worry about starting over every time a key member of their team leaves.

We retain our HVAC technicians with:

  1. Options for self-development
  2. Flexibility
  3. Positive reinforcement
  4. Communication
  5. Value

Learn More About How We Grow HVAC Service Companies
Now at 888-718-7375

One of the best parts of having a One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning location is the fact that you’ll have 100% ownership of it. This means that you’ll always be in control of your success while being equipped with the tools needed to get ahead of the competition. One Hour customers love our consistency, and our owners love the ways we enable them to provide it!


Never Stop Growing with Our Success Academy™

Every One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning owner has access to our Success Academy, a training resource designed to reinforce the business skills of HVAC service company owners. Using Success Academy, our owners learn important skills with instructor-led training, webinars, and access to a constantly growing catalog of training resources. With Success Academy, you’ll hone your skills as a business owner and fine-tune the daily operations of your company.

Our HVAC service franchise owners enjoy business development tools, including:

  • More than 175 online courses
  • New courses added monthly
  • In person trainings
  • Convenient webinars

Marketing HVAC Service Companies

We Make Sure Our Locations Can Reach the Right Customers

As an HVAC service company owner, the last thing you should worry about is reaching the right customers. With One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning, you don’t have to worry about the intricacies associated with marketing your business. Instead, you can focus on treating the customers to great service as our marketing tools work to bring them to you. We provide the marketing tools and assistance needed to produce a polished brand that keeps customers happy and the competition struggling to keep up.

Find out more about how One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning can help you take the pain out of marketing your HVAC service company by dialing
888-718-7375 or by filling out our simple online form.

Great HVAC Companies Deserve Great Marketing Solutions

Marketing is an intensive process that is needed but is also a time-consuming stress point for many small HVAC service companies. Yet, marketing is just as important to an HVAC company as making sure an air conditioning unit has the right ductwork—they work hand-in-hand! With One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning, you’ll receive the might of a national brand while never losing the service you provide to customers as a small business. The One Hour name is associated with quality, and our marketing tools help owners reach the right customers.

We provide the following to our HVAC service franchises:

  1. A marketing toolbox that delivers online, on-demand, and completely customizable marketing materials
  2. An on-call marketing coach that helps you receive the one-on-one assistance you need to make sure your advertising dollars are being well spent
  3. Locally optimized website to help drive traffic to your business
Our expert marketers will support your business needs just as your business will support the comfort needs of clients. They’ll help you track leads, reach new customers, and help make sure the growth of your business doesn’t stall. With a well-spent advertising budget, your business will receive the maximum and cost-effective exposure it deserves to make even more customers happy!
Find Out More About How We Market HVAC Services at 888-718-7375

As part of the Authority Brands family, One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning comes from a dynasty of trusted home service brands. Our team understands what’s important to business owners as much as we get what’s important to the customers they serve. Since we’re a collection of established home service brands, your business can benefit from the cross-marketing possibilities present with our home services companies, including electrical and plumbing services. Call us today so we can begin strategizing how we’ll make ourselves the trusted HVAC company in your area!


Buying Power

One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning Locations Have Competitive Buying Power

The American HVAC industry is worth approximately $130.5 billion. As the industry sees growth each year, so is the competition between HVAC service companies. If you’re a small business that’s looking to gain a competitive edge, One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning is ready to help. Our franchisees own 100% of their business while enjoying the benefits of being part of a national HVAC company. Our buying power means you’ll be able to offer the competitive prices and products associated with larger companies to your customers while maintaining a healthy profit margin!

One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning is always ready to make sure that franchise owners are set up for success. While we provide the buying power that helps franchisees offer great products, have lower overhead, and remain competitive, we also help by providing the resources and support they need for growth. Whether you’re the owner of an established business who’s looking to transform their operations or an entrepreneur who is looking to start their first HVAC service company, we’re ready to help!

BuyMax: How Our Local HVAC Companies Remain Competitive

Every One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning location benefits as a member of BuyMax, a contractor-founded organization providing small business owners the benefit of national buying power. With competitive prices and products, your HVAC business will remain an attractive local option. In other words, BuyMax helps owners remain competitive while never sacrificing control over their operations!

BuyMax allows One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning owners to benefit from:

  1. Exclusive rebates and upfront discounted pricing including:
    • OEM preferred pricing on HVAC equipment
    • Various national and regional distribution partners to suit all parts, materials and supplies needs
    • Consumer finance through Ally Bank, Synchrony and Greensky
  2. One Hour branded product offerings allow franchisees to leave branded material with homeowners to inspire recurring business.
  3. Free product training on any private labeled brand
  4. BuyMax Fleet: A fully flexible and scalable service fleet solution offering discounts on everything from vehicle acquisition through upfitting and delivery to maintenance and fuel as well as resale and disposal.
  5. BuyMax Communications: a full service communications suite offering discounts on mobility and wireless, VOIP, Contact Centers, devices and much more.
  6. Networking with other members

What Does Increased Buying Power Mean for Your HVAC Business?

At One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning, our mission is to help our franchise owners provide the great service typically associated with small businesses while providing the competitive products and prices of a large company. Over the years, we’ve expanded to hundreds of cities thanks to the dedication of our franchisees and our commitment to helping them build a trusted HVAC service company.

Our buying power means that your HVAC company:

  • Can worry less about overhead
  • Can provide competitive prices to customers
  • Can keep customers happy with low costs and high value
  • Has a reliable supply chain
  • Has access to products that are of consistent quality

With these benefits, we enable our locations to stand out from competitors in their area. Customers trust the One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning name because of the value, service, and quality work that our teams do around the nation. In other words, your HVAC service can transform into a small business that packs the punch typically associated with massive companies—and your customers will love it!


Negotiated Prices for HVAC Franchises

Products One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning owners enjoy discounts on include:

  • Administrative support
  • Office supplies & uniforms
  • Cell phones, service, & accessories
  • Credit card processing & consumer financing
  • Fleet, including trucks, fuel, vehicle wraps & fleet maintenance
  • HVAC, plumbing, & electrical equipment
  • Extended warranties
  • Consumer financing
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Much more!

BuyMax also enables franchisees to enjoy the benefits of exclusively negotiated rebates. In fact, it provides millions of dollars in rebates to small business owners each year. Rebates enable businesses to purchase from OEMs and local wholesalers while receiving reimbursement incentives directly. Finally, BuyMax can provide you with branded HVAC products so your customers never forget who to call for help in the future!

Our Buying Power Makes Customers Happy with Your HVAC Services

When customers call an HVAC company, they’re typically not having a great time. Our buying power enables our teams to stock their vehicles with the most common HVAC parts at lower-than-market prices. This means that we can finish many jobs in just one fast and professional visit. If a part isn’t on one of your vehicles, our fast and reliable supply chain means you’ll be able to obtain it, get it installed, and cement your company as the fastest and most trusted HVAC service provider in the area!


Business Management Technology

Managing a Great HVAC Service Company Has Never Been Simpler!

When you own and operate an HVAC service company, you need to be focused on making sure your customers are happy! However, the demands of owning a business can easily interrupt your operations, distracting you from what matters. Yet, making the right business decisions is just as important as making sure customers are comfortable and happy with their HVAC services.

At One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning, we help our franchise owners spend less time worrying about the small details by providing them with industry-leading business management technology. Our tools are designed to make it simple to track finances, dispatch employees, and manage customer support among other operational tasks. This way, you can focus on every aspect of your operations without feeling stretched between them!

Integrate Your HVAC Company Management with Successware®

Every One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning franchise receives the power of Successware, a business management software that makes it as easy as possible to manage your business. Successware can manage calls, track inventory, and do anything else needed to make sure your company is as efficient as possible and ready to help solve the HVAC problems of customers.

Successware helps businesses with:

  1. Call taking
  2. Customer relationship management
  3. Dispatching
  4. Accounting
  5. Inventory management
  6. Upselling
  7. Employee tracking
  8. Invoicing
  9. And more!
Even your customers will love Successware as it provides them with updates through every step of their HVAC service. Successware will inform a customer when your technician is on their way, will follow up with them to make sure they’re happy, and can even help with add-ons by suggesting new products to them. This way, you can be confident that your customers are happy with your work and ready to call you for any future needs!

Mobile Technology Integrations for Streamlined HVAC Services

Our mobile technology makes on-the-go business management effective and simple. With our mobile technology, you’ll be able to schedule new jobs, adjust inventory in real time, track employee performance, and manage payroll with ease. This means that you can adapt to any situation and provide a fast and reliable service that customers love from One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning.
Separate Your HVAC Company from the Competition

HVAC companies should be worried about their customers, not their technology! That’s why we’ve worked to make sure that our franchise owners can focus on their business rather than fiddling with the computer that’s supposed to help them run it. Our business management technology gives all One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning locations the ability to track the details of their business that matter the most. By knowing more about your inventory, costs, and client retention, you’ll be able to quickly adjust and keep the competitive edge required to grow your HVAC service company!

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