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Boost Your Business with One Hour’s BuyMax Membership

August 27, 2021

When it comes to running a successful business, delivering stellar HVAC service is just one factor. Effectively managing your money is equally crucial and can be the fundamental difference between a struggling financial profile and a successful one. At One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning Franchise Development, we go above and beyond to provide franchisees with invaluable resources, partnerships, and affiliates to help improve revenue streams and achieve a healthy bottom line.

One of the primary perks of joining our franchise network is our partnership with BuyMax – a membership-based organization that significantly boosts the buying power of small business owners. BuyMax offers unrivaled access to vendor relationships, rebates, bulk discounts, and other industry-specific specials that allow small businesses to scale operations affordably. Benefiting from our premier BuyMax membership, you can use their vast buying opportunities to optimize your purchasing power. This will allow you to competitively price your HVAC services and products to satisfy customers while simultaneously delivering profits.

BuyMax’s Discounted Products Will Save You Money

Catering to a growing network of over 1,700 independent businesses, BuyMax’s expert entrepreneurs excel at negotiating prices, purchasing goods at reduced costs, and offering network incentives unavailable to individual business owners. As a result, BuyMax offers exclusive reimbursements and the ability to purchase directly from original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and local wholesalers.

With a range of regional distribution partners, BuyMax’s HVAC options entail a vast inventory of parts, materials, and supplies. If you are searching for HVAC products that mitigate poor indoor air quality, neutralize high humidity levels, or offer energy-efficient heating and cooling solutions, BuyMax has you covered.

Here are five HVAC-related BuyMax offerings:

  1. MicroPower Guard® – This electronic air cleaner can remove up to 97% of airborne contaminants, allergens, pollen, bacteria, smoke, dust mites, and foul odors. It is an excellent tool for customers suffering from asthma, allergies, and respiratory ailments.
  2. UV Sterilization Products – Utilizing ultraviolet purification technology, this sterilization process eliminates toxic compounds, unpleasant odors, and infectious bacteria found in ductwork systems.
  3. Thermostats – BuyMax offers cutting-edge thermostats that can be wirelessly controlled by digital apps. Monitoring household activities, these smart thermostats calibrate temperatures and schedules to maximize comfort and energy efficiency.
  4. Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers – You can get great deals on best-in-class devices that give customers control over their indoor humidity levels.
  5. Ductless Mini-Splits – Ductless HVAC units are an affordable and energy-efficient way to provide heating and cooling solutions for rooms/extensions not connected to the central air duct system.

BuyMax’s Flexible and Scalable Services

Many One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning Franchise Development business owners love the BuyMax Fleet – a one-stop solution that can take care of all your transportation needs, including:

  1. Vehicle acquisition
  2. Upfit graphics and designs to advertise on the go
  3. Rebated/discounted fuel cards
  4. Maintenance plans for routine upkeep, accident coverage, and flat tires
  5. The opportunity to outsource barcoding, titling, and registration responsibilities
  6. GPS, dashcam, and geofencing technologies
  7. Driver training
  8. Hassle-free resale options

Another great tool BuyMax offers is its Communications Suite. Working alongside City Communications and 150+ vendors, BuyMax’s expert team can help you determine which hardware, software, and cloud communications are best for you. They will then negotiate for discounts on your behalf, offering affordable communication solutions in:

  • Wireless & Mobility – On average, BuyMax currently helps small businesses save more than 20% on cell phone costs and mobile device plans.
  • Internet Access & Carrier Services – BuyMax scans and compares hundreds of carriers for unmatched internet deals.
  • VOIP Phone Systems – BuyMax offers special member-only discounts for cloud-based storage systems.
  • Contact Center Technology – BuyMax’s contact center provides businesses with reliable customer service support.
  • Live Answering Services – BuyMax can provide 24/7 customer service reps to increase sales opportunities and ROI for your marketing efforts.

BuyMax’s Proven ROI

Joining BuyMax is an investment that has delivered trackable benefits for One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning Franchise Development. We regularly calculate the savings, rebates, discounts, and services via the BuyMax ROI calculator and consistently find the results satisfying. Don’t wait! Become a One Hour franchisee and receive the BuyMax benefits of:

  • Administrative support
  • Discounted supplies & uniforms
  • Branded products
  • Free product training on private brands
  • Credit card processing services
  • HVAC, plumbing, & electrical equipment
  • Extended warranties
  • Consumer financing options
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE)

With so many upsides, BuyMax is one of our most valuable partners! To learn more about the benefits One Hour franchisees receive, give us a call at (855) 996-4747 or contact us online today!

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